The V5600 Deluxe Kit now has more battery options available to choose from.

The V5600 5.6” HDMI monitor has been out only for several months and it has been a great success. The V5600 is not only popular with the HDMI video camcorders but also DLSR cameras like the 5D MARK II. During NAB back in April we received many comments about the power option only being available for Sony L series batteries. Well today I’m going to show you our answer to that with the new AC107 Universal Battery Plate.

AC107 and the V5600

The AC107 replaces the AC106 and now we offer different models for different DV batteries.  We now support Sony L Series, Sony BP-U Series, Panasonic D54 Series and Canon 900 Series. With this in mind the V5600 now has the versatility that you guys asked for. Now when you place an order for the V5600 Deluxe Kit, you will be given the option to choose one of AC107s’ that fits your needs. The deluxe kit will include the battery and the charger to the AC107 that you choose. Below are some pictures of the AC107 attached to the V5600. Although, I’m showing it being used on a V5600, the AC107 can be used with anything that accepts a 12 volt power source. So the possibilities are endless. 🙂

AC107 with a Sony BP-U Series battery


~ by Julio Garcia on September 1, 2009.

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