Facebook Q and A about the V3800

This small, lightweight, monitor literally fits anywhere.

This small, lightweight, monitor literally fits anywhere.

The following is a Q&A from our Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/ikanseeit

Q. Just wondered if you might be able to tell me if the V3800e monitor can be used with the AC107 battery plate. Can you attach the battery plate to the monitor like you can with the bigger models or does it have to stay separate. I’d like…e to use the V3800 as larger, movable viewfinder for the Canon 7D. Any problems with this idea? Thanks

A. Thanks for the question Mark. First, you can use the V3800 with the AC107. You will need to attach it directly using Velcro, which has worked pretty well in the past for the V2500E. Regarding using the V3800 with the 7D, gage your expectations to make the right choice in a monitor. The V3800 only has composite inputs.

This would make the monitor good for framing. For focus I wouldn’t use anything without an HDMI input. If cost is a concern, then contact us about getting B stock. This will save you 25% off the full retail price. Contact us at 713-272-8822 with any questions.

Q. Thanks for the reply. I want something small and portable that can fit directly on to the hotshoe of the camera without adding too much wait or making it too unwieldy. And yes cost is an issue – but I think for my purposes the v3800 should be OK. I’ve tested the PAL AV out from the 7D and found it to be acceptable. Is it best to order through a re-seller here in the UK or can I order direct. Cheers, Mark

A. Sounds like you know what you need, and if your comfortable with a composite image, then you should be just fine the V3800. Instead of using the Velcro approach, you might want to get a Cheese Stick Jr. to mount on any hardware you might be using so you can mount the AC 107 wherever is best for you. You can purchase directly for ikan or you can … Read Moreuse our dealers in London, WTS. http://www.wtsbroadcast.com/ or by phone at 440 208 5943336. If you have any troubles, contact me at clint@ikancorp.com.


~ by Clint Milby on October 6, 2009.

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