A Mile A Minute

Another day at the office.

The phrase can sometimes connotate boredom, complacency, in general, the doldrums.

Not so, at Ikan.  All kinds of exciting new things punctuate a standard day here, which is part of what makes me love it so much.  My ADD personality is always entertained and captured by the variety of things that pop up during the day.  To that end, I wanted to share my Monday check-list… just a little glimpse into some of the things coming down the pipe here at Ikan.  😉

1. Finish editing Training video for PT1000 teleprompters.  The new ikan video production department continues shaping up!

2. Look over final print materials for HD Expo.  Lots of cool new products in the pipeline to be announced this week.  The VX7 and the VX9 promise to be particularly well-received.  ‘Game-changers’ best describes them.  😉

3. Finish writing press releases for the new Monty line.  I’m actually really impressed with how nice the new line of ikan bags looks.

4. Upload pictures from “The Opponent” to the ikan blog.  Always cool to see ikan equipment getting used on upcoming feature films.

5. Shoot the first installment of “Julio Presents”… can’t wait to see what kind of randomness we come up with here on the ikan news blog!

6. Attend the new product development meeting.  The cheese stick line of accessories is shaping up pretty well.  😉

So, yeah, things are moving right along… always interesting, cool and exciting stuff going on here.  More later!


~ by Carlos Tovar on November 2, 2009.

One Response to “A Mile A Minute”

  1. The Julio Presents… installments?

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