ikan’s V5600 on the set of “The Opponent”

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ikan's V5600 on the set of "The Opponent."

It’s always exciting to see our products pop up on sets around the world and when we were approached by Synthetic Cinema about their latest production, “The Opponent,” we couldn’t wait to see our newest monitor in action and on set.

Starring Jeremy London (Wolvesbayne), Roddy Piper (They Live) and directed by Colin Theys, “The Opponent” promises to be an action-packed thrill-ride as it chronicles the tale of an interstellar robot that crash lands in a junkyard and is hunted by a motley assortment of mercenaries after the property owner sets a bounty for its removal.

When gearing up for their latest feature, Synthetic Cinema’s Colin Theys knew that – when working with a 35mm lens adaptor – focus would be crucial, as well as the ability to accurately see what was being captured.  In the pre-production phase, Synthetic had expressed interest in either the V8000HDMI or the V5600 and ultimately settled on the V5600 for its smaller size and higher resolution.

Here at ikan, we were glad to see another one of our monitors getting utilized on the set of an independent feature film.  We also liked what Synthetic Cinema was able to accomplish thus far and were intrigued about where they were going in the future.

As they move into post-production on “The Opponent” and continue to develop their next projects, we here at ikan wish our friends at Synthetic Cinema the best of luck!


~ by Carlos Tovar on November 4, 2009.

One Response to “ikan’s V5600 on the set of “The Opponent””

  1. Well, it’s a looooooong way from the 1979 Beta Cam we used to shoot Trees! Well done Andrew! Peace

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