Seeing RED

So… yet again, I had a conversation with another RED owner who had tried the V5600 and had some success, but nothing consistent.  It’s been an ongoing dilemma here at ikan; how to design, develop and manufacture affordable production monitors with full corporate backing (tech support, customer service, etc.) and still have monitors that are completely problem-free.

As a partner in a RED production company based in Houston, TX, I’ve been directly involved in the development of the new monitors and I have to say, I am now more excited than ever at the upcoming monitor series, the VX line.

Previously, it had been problematic for ikan to come up with a monitor that would be effective for the RED One because we had not yet moved into the HD-SDI realm.  With our first generation HDMI monitors, none of them were able to read the signal coming out of the RED and therefore, we had no offering to a market that continues growing.  With the introduction of the VX line, we’ve seen great improvements come forward and


Ikan's brand-new VX7 prototype.

there’s been some early successes to tout.

Just yesterday, I had RED #294 – designated “Audrey Hepburn” – in-house and testing with the VX7 and the VX9.  Both performed beautifully with the HDMI connections.  There were a couple of glitches with the HD-SDI signal, but those were to be expected as we continue working out the kinks.  All in all, it’s been exciting to see the evolution of the ikan line into effective, affordable production monitors.


~ by Carlos Tovar on November 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Seeing RED”

  1. So… just a quick update. The new VX9 is truly a thing of beauty. And it’s getting along quite well with the HD-SDI signal from the RED One. We’ve been using an AJA card to re-clock the SDI signal from the RED One and with that little box, to keep the RED’s SDI within spec, she works like a beaut!

    (And of course, HDMI looks stunning)

  2. I recently purchased a VX7 for use on my steadicam. I had a RED camera on yesterday and the monitor could not understand the HD-SDI signal I was sending through the rig. Is there a fix for this issue?

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