Monday’s Checklist… sort of

Every week here is different.  This one has been especially hectic, as expansion continues over here in ikanland.  Adding staff necessitates adding utilities… new phone lines, shuffling office space and creating new departmental areas.

In the midst of the continued hubbub, I still have a laundry list of things to get done, so here goes…

1. Continued pricing and ordering samples for promotional materials.  The preliminary t-shirt designs, in particular, look promising.  USB drives could be insane.

2. The first configuration from the ikan Elements line is solidified.  Pre-production model needs to get shipped out to an early reviewer ASAP.  Still need branding and marketing material for it, but the Flyer package is shaping up nicely!

3. Work on the continued product rollout for the VX7 and VX9.  Those are sharp!

4. Check in on Mike in R&D about the new designs for the ikan jib.  It still needs a name and some refinements, but the DSLR Motion Shooters are going to go nuts for this one!

5. Early prep work for NAB starts now.  Partners, reservations and such are already rolling!

6. The new website is close to going live… very close… possibly moments away.  But probably not.  Esmond, Charmayne and Julio have been working hard on it, but Julio is in Seattle sipping Starbucks and enjoying a little vacay.  Have to wait for him to get back to unveil it.

7. Need to pay for my comedy tickets.  One of our employees is actually a professional stand-up comedian who is returning to stand-up while he continues working here.  Cool, huh?

8. Just saw Ross sail by with one of our international dealer rep’s… German, I believe.  We’ve been adding new outside sales reps like crazy lately.  And that reminds me… I need to do some additional concept work on the new “Rep Toolkit” I’ve been working on.

9. Need to replace my editing computer.  Word just came down that “we need lots more video.”  Awesome… we can make that happen!

10. Get my Thanksgiving blog entry done… not quite sure what to write about, but I’m sure something will pop up!

More later!


~ by Carlos Tovar on November 23, 2009.

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