Santa says we have to give away gear if we want presents ourselves. Therefore, ikan is giving away a free V5600, 5.6 inch, HiDef monitor for Christmas. To qualify, you have to tell us how the ikan V5600 will make a difference in your life in 2010.  

Don’t limit yourself to merely posting text — make a video, use pictures but make sure you post them by 12/23/09 on our Facebook page  at

We’ll announce the winners 12/25/09.  Again, no medium will be rejected; just be creative.  Please feel free to post any questions or comments.

Merry Christmas from ikan!

ikan V5600 5.6″ TFT LCD Monitor $699

The V5600, a 5.6-inch LCD monitor that is the perfect size for new Hi-Def enabled DSLR cameras.  With the crisp 1024 x 600 resolution panel, critical focus is achievable in a compact unit weighing under one pound.  YUV and AV inputs, in addition to the HDMI input, give flexibility in connecting to your device.  Switchable aspect ratios and safe area guides make the V5600 a necessary addition to any electronic field production kit.


HDMI, Component, & Composite Inputs – 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i – Safe area guides for 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios – Diagonal 5.6″ TFT  LCD – Resolution: 1024 x 600 – LCD Brightness: 165cd/m2 – Contrast Ratio: 200:1 – Viewing angles: 80/80(R/L), 55/55(U/L) – Operating Volts: DC 12-24V – Dimension: 5.75 ”x4.625”x0.82 – Weight (lbs) 0.7


~ by Clint Milby on December 10, 2009.

13 Responses to “WIN AN IKAN V5600 FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!”

  1. The Ikan v5600 quality is pretty important to me…I just want to say this system video so so good.We would recommend this product to anyone. Thanks Ikan for a great Video system.

  2. A +++++ happy Hollyday 09

  3. I am a recently divorced mother of three trying to make a difference in my life and the life of my children. I have always had a GOD GOVEN passion for film,theatre, production. I put all of my wants and the desires to make it big in this field ago and put family first. I had no idea that my life would take a total turn the way it did. I know have three children who honestly are drvien to the same career goal that I had and I myself am trying to go back to school to The Academy of arts University online ( FIM and Production) .. I have been trying to enroll for the last 5 years. but I can’t manage to save the money dure to other obligations. I have my mind filled with all sorts of projects to give back to the community and to help others who might have went through the same things we went thru . I feel that if my children and I would be awarded the IKAN5600 this would be a step toward rebuilding our future and helping the community of battered women , neglected children …retore and move on with there lives.

  4. ***** i love recommend this produc 5 stars

  5. I have other products since 4 year i am happy.

  6. In 2010, I will be travelling to Taipei, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and India to profile factory conditions of retail apparel companies. We will be organizing video postcard programs between immigrant sewers in Canada and their relatives, showcasing local culture and providing an open forum for factory workers to provide feedback to better their working conditions, the end result of which will be delivered into the hands of local apparel companies to allow them the chance to make focused changes to their factory relations. Your product would a great tool in achieving great results with the dual DSLR setup that will end up making the trip.

    You guys rule, thanks for providing options in a very expensive field. 🙂


  7. i’m currently a freelance videographer/photographer working on a small personal project for a girl i’m quite fond of. her family dog is really old and will surely be passing away sooner than later, and i’ve started shooting with my 5DmarkII as much footage of the old gray-haired dog as i can. i’ve done some great shots with my gorillapod as a makeshift uboat but i can’t even see what i’m shooting when i do low tracking shots as he runs through the snow…

    if i had a monitor, i’d be able to see and even know if i was in focus instead of just hoping!

    i’d love to finish this film project before old charlie dies, so please send that monitor my way or else most of my shots may be “artistically out of focus”

  8. We don’t own any kind of product like this! It looks like such a fun product to use with our camera! Sure looks like it is well made!
    Thanks for the chance

  9. Happy Holliday

  10. I would like one because the one I am using has too many dead pixels and I heard great things from Ikan monitors at a recent trade show.

  11. The Ikan v5600 quality is pretty important to me…

  12. Merry Christmas

  13. Thank you all for a great year of products. Let’s hope 2010 is an even better one.

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