Remake, Reboot or Reimagining?

So… this is probably old news by now, but the trailer for the upcoming Karate Kid reimagining came out a week ago.  And surprisingly, it doesn’t look that bad, for what it’ll end up being.

It got me started thinking about the current cycle of remakes, reboots and reimaginings we’re living with.  Original properties aren’t being developed as they used to be, primarily due to the economy and the studios’ need to ensure at least a modest return on their sizeable investment.

So, in honor of the new remake/reboot/reimaginings on the horizon (Nightmare on Elm Street, Red Dawn and The Karate Kid among them), I present two lists of ones they got right… and ones that went wrong.

Four Remakes/Reboots/Reimaginings they got right…
1. “Star Trek” is a lively reboot of the franchise that stayed faithful to the original series while preserving its own originality
2. “Disturbia” was a hip, stylish reimagining of “Rear Window” for the teen/young adult set
3. “Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” reinvented the Batman franchise as a sprawling crime drama instead of  just another ‘superhero’ movie
4. “Halloween” showed more character and gave more depth to the original classic’s anti-hero

Four Remakes/Reboots/Reimaginings that went wrong…
1. “Superman Returns” obliterated the franchise before it even got rebooted
2. “Friday the 13th” showed us just how unoriginal and boring the bare concept was
3. “G.I. Joe” turned into a CGI splashfest when it could have been “The Hurt Locker” or “Blackhawk Down”
4. “Psycho” was supposedly a ‘shot for shot’ remake of the original… and was as pointless an idea as it sounded


~ by Carlos Tovar on January 5, 2010.

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