Tracing back the family tree

Here goes my first post.

Ever since a few years ago I started visiting Hong Kong every summer, I grew closer to my grandparents (on my dad’s side). My family and I would stay at a hotel near my grandparent’s apartment in 炮台山 so we could visit them at night after a long day of eating, shopping, or business. My 嬤嬤 (grandmother), despite her age, is still cracking jokes such as calling me a good looking boy and slapping me on the face, and my 爺爺 (grandfather) walks around the streets of Hong Kong with a cane, hitting anything (and anyone) he wishes to. Even at an old age, both my 嬤嬤 and 爺爺 are really happy. Unfortunately, that’s all I know about them.

I recently went back to Hong Kong on December 11th – December 22nd of 2009. I mainly went back just to see my relatives, do some business, and attend my uncle’s funeral. A few weeks back, 爺爺 went to the hospital for something minor so we decided to visit him at the hospital whenever we arrived at Hong Kong. My dad, who had arrived at Hong Kong a week before my mom and I, told us that 爺爺 looked really different. Within the past two years of seeing him, he had aged a lot. Even though I was aware of what my dad said, I still was shocked when I saw my 爺爺 laying in the hospital bed. 爺爺 really did look older, especially because I noticed his cheeks were shrunk back into his cheek bone, making him look more fragile. 爺爺 was also extremely upset because he did not want to stay in the hospital. The nurses had to eventually bind him to the bend because he made so much commotion. Eventually 爺爺 was picked up from the hospital and brought back home to avoid any other trouble. Almost every night and every chance we could, my dad, mom, and I would visit 爺爺 at his house. He was always in bed resting so the only conversation I could hold with him was asking how he was doing and if he was comfortable or not.  Unfortunately, our trip had to come to an end and I had to say bye.

Last week, my cousin from Cali came down to visit. To cut the story short, he proposed an idea to my dad and I. He wanted to go to Hong Kong and do a documentary on 爺爺, a full documentary covering childhood to adult ranging from family to school to work. Not only did we want to spend as much time getting to know our 爺爺, but we did not want our heritage history to pass away as well. So to sum up my whole entry in one sentence, my cousin and I are going to Hong Kong to film an interview documentary with our 爺爺. We are hoping to aim for somewhere around February to head out to Hong Kong. I will most likely create a blog to write about how everything goes before and during our trip.


~ by Sherman Yeung on January 11, 2010.

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