New Police Story (新警察故事)

A few days ago, I watched the movie New Police Story starring Jackie Chan for about the millionth time. I’ve actually had this movie for a long time but I recently bought it in Blu-ray since it was my favorite movie. A little background of this movie, it is completely in Cantonese (with some Mandarin here and there, and one line of English) but with English subtitles available. I just wanted to suggest this movie to anyone who is a fan of Jackie Chan and is into action movies because honestly, I think his Chinese movies are 1000 times better than his American movies.

In the beginning of the movie (no spoilers ahead) Jackie Chan,  inspector of  Hong Kong Police Force, leads his team to death due to his own arrogance. Because of this, Jackie Chan turns to alcohol and becomes a drunk. Soon enough, a mysterious young man comes along and becomes Jackie Chan’s partner to assist him on the case that his whole team was killed on. Throughout the whole movie, Jackie Chan and his mysterious partner chases the five criminals that brought Jackie Chan down in seek of justice and revenge.

This is my favorite (not one of my favorites, but my favorite) movie because there is action packed into this movie. Not only does this movie have action in almost every scene, but also has an emotional storyline. As the movie plays, Jackie Chan’s mysterious partner’s role and character start to develop and you will eventually find out his mysterious partner’s past in the end. Action, great story line, a little bit of love (not a big fan of cheesy love movies), and one of Hong Kong’s best actors. What more could you ask for? Also the bonus features are pretty interesting and comical because one section is viewing Jackie Chan as he dubs his whole movie in English (there is an option in the Blu-ray version to play the movie in English, but honestly that kills the drama) and as you know, Jackie Chan’s English isn’t the best in the world. Also in the special features section is the making of this movie, which is interesting because each major actor states opinion about his or her own role in the movie and the view on the movie itself. So if anyone is bored out there having a sudden urge to watch a Chinese movie, go rent New Police Story. Below is a link to their page. Enjoy!


~ by Sherman Yeung on February 10, 2010.

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