NAB 2010: The Wrap-Up

Back in town now, after NAB 2010 and in keeping with the times, I wanted to jot down a few things I saw that were pretty cool.  Looking forward to seeing new products on the market and the eventual rollouts related to some of the new product announcements…

As follows, here are five of the coolest things I saw at NAB this year.

1) VX Series Monitors – Okay, okay, we’re just a little bit biased, but you have to admit… these monitors rock.  HDMI, HD-SDI, Component, Composite, signal conversion in the monitor itself (HD-SDI to analog composite), multiple easily accessible power solutions (V, AB, Sony, Panasonic, & Canon DV batteries) and high resolution (1024 x 600) makes either of the VX monitors the go-to field monitor in its’ class.  No other monitor on the market can touch the price for the value and feature-set.  On a personal level, this is the monitor I have been waiting for to upgrade to from my personal V8000HD.

2) SNAP! Lens Gears – magnetic lens gears… solid, surprisingly easy to align and pretty rigid once they’re on.  these seem to be a natural, low-cost alternative to having to fit your lenses the old-fashioned way.  Definitely worth checking out for those needing to replenish their lens gear selection.

3) The AirCushion Tripod Head – For the lightweights like myself, doing hand-held work with 40+ pounds of camera package can be a back-breaking endeavour.  Enter the perfect solution, an air-cushioned head that’s industrial-grade.  Complete coolness.

4) The Elements Rollout Continues – Again, yeah, I’m biased, but the Elements are just plain cool.  An erector set for production folks, the Elements provide for a completely customizable shooting experience.  And with the addition of completely modular shoulder pads and new configurations on an almost daily basis, it can only get better.

5) The XF Series from Canon – 50Mbps, 4:2:2 colorspace, CF Card recording… this new broadcast-grade camera is poised to explode onto the scene as the Summer rolls around.  No need to look elsewhere when it comes to a complete production solution for under $8,000.

More notes, news and cool stuff are on the way, so stay tuned!


~ by Carlos Tovar on April 27, 2010.

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