In Review: Ikan VX-9 Monitor

Anyone who has ever shot using an external monitors knows that an accurately calibrated external monitor provides much more accurate framing, focus and exposure determination than the camera’s LCD screen. jib or Steadicam shooting makes external monitoring absolutely essential. And DSLR shooting can benefit greatly from an external viewing device.

The question is always how large a display is needed and is practical. I suppose that is driven by a number of factors. A 9″ display is a bit large to mount on top of small to medium size camcorders for hand-held work. For tripod work, I find the popular 5-6″ displays too small. All things considered, I believe that Ikan chose the proper size to introduce a monitor of its specific feature set at the reasonable price point of $1,149.

Click Here to finish the review from DV Magazine!

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~ by Clint Milby on May 13, 2010.

One Response to “In Review: Ikan VX-9 Monitor”

  1. So where is the damn review

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