The ikan ELEMENTS Stereoscope 3-D Mount

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Tim Dashwood at Dashwood Cinema Sollutions was good enough to try out the ikan ELEMENTS Stereoscope last weekend at the  “Stereoscopic Shooting and Post” seminar at ProFusion.   Tim is a seasoned Director, Cinematographer and Editor. He has been shooting stereoscopic photos as a hobby for the last decade and has more recently focused on stereo-cinematography. Tim Dashwood also moderates the stereoscopic production and delivery forum on DV Info.

The Stereoscope is a lightweight, portable solution for those needing a 3D Camera setup.  Unlike some other 3D camera mounts, the ikan Stereoscope is upgradable, customizable and collaborative with other ikan Elements products.

We left Tim with the Stereoscope, and hopefully he’ll give us some feedback soon. To find out more about Tim, go to his website at


~ by Carlos Tovar on June 25, 2010.

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