ikan Proudly Announces the “HDSLR Revolution” Short Film Competition

The past year has been a revolutionary year in digital filmmaking. HDSLR cinematography has swept through the industry and continues changing the game, and ikan has been there from the beginning.

Now, with this year’s short film competition, we’re embracing and empowering the shift in technology that’s taking place in the world of filmmaking. Just as last year, the competition is totally free to enter, but we’ve boosted our prize packages to over $17,000!

In addition to great prizes, ikan is honored to have one of the finest groups of judges in the industry. These men are giants in their respective fields, and getting a shot to have them review your work is a prize within itself.   Our confirmed list of judges include:   Academy Award Winner Mike Kanfer, ASC Award winner Shane Hurlbut, Philip Bloom, Dan Chung, Dave Helmly and Dave Basulto.


Simply create a film using your HDSLR camera that utilizes the ikan name, logo or an ikan product in a creative, positive manner. Your film must adhere to the simple, one-word theme of ‘revolution’.

To Enter:

  • Join the “HDSLR Revolution” vimeo group.
  • Create your entry of no more than 3 ½ minutes.
  • Upload your video to the “HDSLR Revolution” vimeo group.
  • Send us your completed entry form.
  • Kick back until the winners are announced December 15.


  • Adherence to the theme.
  • Mastery of the HDSLR medium: winning videos will push the limits of the HDSLR in new and innovative ways.
  • Originality in the usage of the ikan name, logo or an ikan product of your choice.
  • Overall creativity of the entry, the story and the method of storytelling.
  • Make sure to keep it clean. Nudity, foul language from small children and obscene or profane behavior are not recommended!

~ by Clint Milby on August 5, 2010.

One Response to “ikan Proudly Announces the “HDSLR Revolution” Short Film Competition”

  1. […] Ikan is having an HDSLR short film contest. They want you to create a short film using the Ikan name, logo or product. The theme of the film must be “Revolution”. That’s about it. Here is some info from their site. How to enter and what you can win. Check it out. […]

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