Affordable 3D Shooting? Say what?!

Affordable 3D shooting? You read it right! Sure, it implies that any consumer can march on over to Canon, buy themselves two nifty XF105’s or two XF100’s and pair those bad boys up to capture HD 3D video… and it’s so true.

Inventor of stereoscopy 3D imaging in 1838, Sir Charles Wheatstone, would be oh, so very proud! And now, so are we at Ikan, because we just so happen to have a little somethin’ we like to call the ELEMENTS Stereoscope Rig. Heard of it?

Here’s the deal, after you’ve scrounged through your couches for change to go buy your Canon XF105’s or XF100’s, you can then skip gleefully over to Ikan and badger us about the ELEMENTS Stereoscope, which will allow you to mount both camcorders to one rig for your optimal shooting pleasure. That way, when you’re done configuring all Canon’s built-in assist features for capturing 3D, you don’t have to worry about; 1: spending the rest of your budget on a wallet-burning camera rig, or 2: inventing a “rig” of your own consisting of two friends who you decided to tie together as they attempt to hold the cameras the correct distance from each other.

So, for those of you who are advocates of 3D….. Happy affordable 3D filming!



One day, this beautiful rig could be yours,

courageously mounting your two cameras

as you stride into 3D filming battle!


~ by cinemango on September 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Affordable 3D Shooting? Say what?!”

  1. But how do you Zoom both at the same speed. Or do you have to do everything full wide or full zoom.
    I did this with 2 fixed lens Kodak playsport cameras side by side, but haven’t edited it yet.

  2. Excellent question! My best guess is that you’d have to leave both cameras full wide or full zoom and dolly in or out to achieve a different frame within one shot.

    I imagine it’s possible to rig a sort of double focus puller but for the length of the lenses. So one gear to control both cameras’ lenses. The same goes for focus. If someone wanted to achieve a rack-focus in stereoscopic recording, you’d have to manage way to control both simultaneously. Both the XF105 and XF100 have remote control features, so they may be able to get hooked up to one laptop for focus pulling.

    Thanks for your questions and input!



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