ikan’s Tip of the Week – 001

There are plenty of DSLR rigs on the market, but how do you get exactly what you want, every time? How can you be sure that the rig you choose is the best for your purposes? These and other questions will be addressed in our new weekly blog, “Elements: Tip of the Week” where we will present new configurations, ideas, and ways to maximize your use of ikan gear.

This week, we present to you something we’ve been using lately ourselves, unofficially casually dubbed the “EC1.”

For this rig, you will need:

2 x ELE-15r18                        (15mm rails)

2 x 15RM                                (rod mount)

2 x ELE-PT                             (Cheese Plate)

1 x ELE-TM                            (tripod mount)

1 x ELE-90-m                         (right angle mount)

1 x ELE-PAD                         (chest pad)

1 x ELE-gb-f                           (foam grip bar)

1 x ELE-15-rda                       (rod adaptor)

1 x MA210                              (10” articulating arm)

1 x F3                                      (Friction Follow Focus)

Some Mock-up Photos:


~ by Ryan Aivalis on October 15, 2010.

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