Reality Check: Film Festivals

As the month of October passes, I can’t help but notice the number of horror festivals and short film competitions that spring up or re-establish themselves during this part of the year. Even a few weeks ago, I participated in the Splatterfest film festival here in Houston, put on by these guys: Splatterfest – The Ultimate Horror Festival.

Even if “54HR” film festivals aren’t your thing, there are many more. NYC’s Horror film fest, Screamfest LA, Chicago, Freak show out in Orlando–the list keeps going. There is no shortage. (if you’d like to see more, click HERE)

Listen: don’t you want to be part of that action?

Go out and participate. Grab your friends. Show off that new equipment, make some eye candy, and maybe have fun while winning awards and swank.

Reality: ikan wants you to go out and do awesome work. We’re so serious, in fact, we’re giving away some of our best equipment ($17,000 worth, if you’re just tuning in) to step up and show the world what you can do with ikan by your side.

Right now, until Nov. 29, we’ve got our own film competition: “HDSLR Revolution” short film competition, just for those reasons.

So go, let it loose (your creativity), show how ikan makes your film experience better and easier!



~ by Ryan Aivalis on October 15, 2010.

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