HDSLR Killer? Meet the AG-AF100

Yeah, I said it. That word: “killer.” Is it so bad?

Only if you believe that the AF100 will literally destroy the niche-now-explosive market carved out by HDSLR cameras, like Canon’s 5D mkII and 7D, the newer 60D, Nikon’s D7000, Panasonic’s GH1–you get the idea.

So what? Why is everyone still abuzz? Well, while most of us are purely talk (for now), some privileged few have gotten their hands on them and are having the time of their lives (Philip Bloom has a great post with three days on this beast of a camcorder HERE)–and for good reason.

With a micro four-thirds sensor and compact form factor, this camcorder addresses all of the hot topics that have come up because of DSLR design and purpose, such as:

  • XLR audio inputs,
  • HD-SDI sockets,
  • tons of lens options,
  • minimal rolling shutter,
  • video autofocus (that might be worth a damn)
  • aliasing, moire;

the AF100 has all of these. Panasonic really seems to have been listening to the DSLR community this time. From what I hear, the only thing it isn’t good at is what it WASN’T designed for:

Still Photography.

Other concerns have been with the depth of field of the camera (even with lenses, yes); it is not capable of the depth of field of, say your 5D, but better than most. If you’re a generalist (and even if you aren’t), you definitely want to check out this camera.

By mid-December, we’ll have a more in-depth look of the AG-AF100 once I get my grubby hands on it as soon as it’s available. Bookmark us, subscribe via RSS, or check back to make sure you don’t miss it!

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(Photos courtesy of their respective owners)




~ by Ryan Aivalis on November 10, 2010.

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