All You Need Is SKILL, Baby!

What ISN’T the iPhone being used for these days? (Phone calls?) It’s quite a well-rounded device, with a little something for everyone. And the “little something” for videographers and filmmakers seems to be rapidly morphing into a BIG something. But how far will that take amateur filmmakers?

We’ve all heard about recent iPhone updates and upgrades and up-everything, from iMovie 11 to stabilization gear specifically for the iPhone’s video features. (Did you know that Steadicam makes a unit specifically for your iPhone? It’s called “The Smoothee.” Crazy, right?!)

The iPhone isn’t only used for videos, but also for photography shoots, commercials and music videos. So, with iMovie giving the iPhone increasing abilities to film,  edit (albeit, incredibly basic editing) and score films, can this mean professionals have more competition from any iPhone owner?

There’s always that fear of “just anyone” jumping in and making a good film with any old gear and an iPhone with iMovie… but don’t be fooled. Professionals are doing it, too! The argument, and logically so, is that no matter what you’re using to film, if you know what you’re doing you can make it look good.

(A few examples of this are on a channel of Vimeo called, “Movies made on the iPhone4” at )

But I think the real question here is: How far can iPhone films go without enough talent to back it up? There are constant modifications, so where will they take us? There have been upgrades to improve the rolling shutter, (check out Philip Bloom’s review at ), the level of control, editing abilities, etc. Do these advancements put everyday iPhone users on a professional filmmaker level? (NO!)

While these tools are impressive and undeniably accessible to all the “just anyones” in the world, and while anybody can make an iFilm, I believe it all comes down to one thing… SKILL. As mentioned in a blog post on, “talent trumps gear.” Every time.

What I’m trying to say is that iPhones CAN indeed make great looking videos, but only if you’ve got the skill to back it up. Do you?


– Kerianne


~ by cinemango on November 17, 2010.

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