ikan’s Tip of the Week – 003

What? You say you didn’t know ikan made a sling bag? What’s that? You knew but didnt think you would find it useful?

It’s the IBG-SLING, otherwise known as the ikan Sling Bag (product page HERE).

If you have one, you may know it’s a pretty neat bag–tons of pockets, comfortable, lightweight and good form factor, water bottle pouch, enough real estate for your needed lenses…zippers…pen pockets…you get the idea.

So what?

SO, if you’ve only been using this bag to carry camera equipment, you’re missing out–on the “Field Mixing Sound Sling.”

Being part of a small set or crew, where the DP is the camera op (and potentially the sound as well, depending on your setup), I need this bag to be out of my way but in my reach. I can clip my Lav Microphone Receivers (ew100G3’s) to numerous places, accessible, on the outside of the bag, while I run XLR cables into my Zoom H4n inside. What’s even better: My two channel mixer fits in here, too, so I can really get down and dirty without that cumbersome hassle (and if you have the equipment, why not?)

Simply because of the size and form factor of the bag, along with its attachable real estate and padded interior, this bag becomes an ideal field mixing bag–for anyone needing to multitask on set.

I’ve included some pictures for you to see what I mean:


~ by Ryan Aivalis on December 8, 2010.

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