IKAN RECOIL with iPhone to run the Tokyo Marathon

Here’s something to get you curious. Look at this guy:

i gotta give this guy credit.If, by chance, you don’t know what your first question is, let me give you some more to chew on:

This man’s name is Joseph Tame, and he will be running the Tokyo Marathon from February 24-26th this year. What’s that on him you ask? Those are his four (4) live-streaming iPhones (of which look like the 3GS and 4)  custom-mounted to his two (2) RECOILs (he actually owns them!). What’s better: “The colorful tubes and funny helmet are just for fun. He’s quite a character, originally from the UK.”

They’ll be streaming via Ustream come the beginning of the marathon, so keep your eyes peeled–once we have or know the URL we’ll be sharing it for you here, too. Technically, if you could get some of those GPS’ MAC addresses, you could pinpoint and triangulate his acceleration throughout the entire marathon pretty easily, via methods like this and this . Who knows, they already may be doing just that. The next step is to have one of the iphones double to display health status updates.

I need that helmet.Improved with GPS tracking.

Props to you and your team, sir. I love the creative use for these RECOIL rigs, indeed, and the fun attitude portrayed. Our wills go out to you and we wish you the best of luck in the marathon!

We’ll be checking with these guys soon to see if there are any additions or improvements in the coming weeks. Definitely.

~ by Ryan Aivalis on January 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “IKAN RECOIL with iPhone to run the Tokyo Marathon”

  1. […] in the Tokyo Marathon Last week, I had the opportunity to share with you the story of Joseph Tame, tokyo-based englishman freelance social media producer, who will be running this […]

  2. Thanks for your kind comments guys:)

    We’ll be using Runkeeper to live stream my precise location and pace onto a google map. I’ll also carry environmental monitors (temperature, C02, noise etc) …and will be fitted with a heart monitor, although no quite sure yet if I’ll be able to stream that data or just have it available after the race.

    • Understandably. i figured it would be possible for you to tap those vital statistics, as well, a nice addition to your tank-like arsenal of running data. How accurate is the real-time gps tracking on the iPhone that youre using? On that note, which iPhones are you using for which streaming purposes?

      Thanks again, Joseph!

  3. […] will be interested in buying the blueprints for – is a hugely complex device constructed from two IKAN Recoils. The modification process, carried out in my dad’s greenhouse when visiting the UK at Christmas, […]

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