@tamegoeswild in the Tokyo Marathon

Last week, I had the opportunity to share with you the story of Joseph Tame, tokyo-based englishman freelance social media producer, who will be running this year’s marathon with two ikan RECOILs paired together as a mobile platform for his 4 streaming iPhones.

I had wondered about the GPS tracking of his run (as well as the uses for each phone) but hadn’t been prepared for the answer I received when I dug further: “he is planning to use two iPhones to do video (one facing the road ahead and one facing back at his face), one iPhone to be a live twitter feed and one iPhone to monitor his video on USTREAM or to show his GPS status via the Runkeeper iPhone app.”

On that note, here’s his Runkeeper logs from his user page. This. Guy. Is. Fit. If there is anyone capable of drawing Hello Kitty in the middle of Shinjuku district, it’s him.

It had to happen some time.

Currently, Joseph is still in training for the Marathon (correction: start date Feb 27, 2011) and his friends over at Focal Point are helping him with the massive quantities of batteries needed for the trek. For an idea regarding the tech and time involved in last year’s live stream, check this link out. He got  a LOT of coverage via his deployment method. Not suprising, given the man was “the first person to live stream video from the summit of Mount Fuji during a solar eclipse over a 3G connection. ” Wow.

There he is.

Cute.Joseph, we respect your humor and hunger for change and creativity. Thank you for contributing to the online community in such an interactive way!

To keep following Mr. Tame, check back to our blog periodically. If you’d like to keep abreast with him yourself, his twitter @tamegoeswild and his website www.tamegoeswild.com. Thanks to Focal Point for the tip off–we’ll be sending you banners for your to fly high on his Ustream page soon!



(Photos acquired through http://www.google.com and http://www.tamegoeswild.com. All photos courtesy of their respective owners.)


~ by Ryan Aivalis on January 31, 2011.

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