ikan’s FG Follow Focus–For the Pro in You

Maybe you’ve had a chance to hear the rumors==the answer is YES! ikan now has a fixed gear Follow Focus for your cinema rig. We are now accepting pre-orders.

Our Press Release, thanks to Brian Upchurch, follows:

Marketing Department
3903 Stoney Brook Dr.
Houston, TX 77063
Phone // 713.272.8822
Fax // 713.995.4994

New Product Announcement: ELE-FGK

Get Focused

Introducing the highest quality geared follow focus in its class. ikan’s FG Follow Focus offers precision machined aluminum construction, light weight design, beveled dry erase marking disk, and is compatible with all ikan Elements kits and/or any 15mm rod-based camera support system. Driven by a 2” diameter control wheel, the FG Follow Focus features low backlash and is compatible with standard film pitch gearing of .8 MOD supported by a 2.3” diameter focus gear. The horizontal adjustment feature accommodates a wide range of DSLR lens diameters and is complimented by a focus mark indicator and lockable focus control.

Reaching Out

The included 17″ FG Follow Focus Whip features vinyl covering and a crank stability grip for smooth control. Utilizing ikan’s compact square connector, the FG Whip provides leverage over distance and smoother focus pulls all around.

Crank It Up

Our 2.3” FG Follow Focus Crank Knob provides rapid focus, allowing you to move from focus mark to focus mark at a high rate of speed.  Fitted with ikan’s compact square connector, The FG Crank Knob offers fast and accurate control.

Get It In Gear

Also in the box is a pair of 2.5” to 4.25” diameter adjustable zip lens gears. Complete with two no scuff, non-slip lens gear liners; your DSLR lens is protected and ready to pull focus.

FG Follow Focus Cine-Kit Includes:

  • FG Follow Focus
  • 17” FG Follow Focus Whip
  • 2.3” FG Follow Focus Crank Knob
  • 2.5” to 4.25” Diameter Adjustable Zip Lens Gears (2)
  • No scuff, Non-slip Lens Gear Liners (2)

For information and images, please visit:


Watch Cinema5D’s Jared Abrams review ikan’s FG Follow Focus Cine-Kit.


For Additional Information, please contact:
Brian Upchurch



~ by Ryan Aivalis on February 16, 2011.

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