Cinemáge Acquisition, On-camera LED Lux ratings & New Sales

There’s much to cover today!

If you’ve ever whipped out your light meter to test your on-camera ikan light, executed the strong test from 3, 6, and 10 ft, then I give you some kudos. But, if you’re still shopping and need a breakdown for your color temperatures or trying to get some variety in your shots, this chart might help you see things more clearly (yeah I said it):

All current model on-camera lights from ikan. Bulbs mentioned under “iLED1” are compared against store-bought off-the-shelf bulbs MR16

For simplicity’s sake, lights mentioned above can be found at their corresponding pages, including video demonstrations (at realistic ranges). All current ikan LED Lighting available.

*iLED 120 (it’s new! look here for more upcoming products)


Really, you should know about >> the “Social Media Sale” << happening weekly on twitter and facebook (follow us or friend us to get the special link for super discounts). This week’s sale ends tomorrow at noon (Daylight CST) and a new item will replace it, ranging from many of our product lines. If you’re the international type (outside U.S.) we recommend contacting us directly via our twitter or and we’ll process your order.

Interestingly enough, it spread like wildfire that our FG Follow Focus (ELE-FGK) is on sale at NAB in April.


One more, special thing…

If you’ve stopped by our page already today you probably saw the popup-ad that bombarded you with great news. ikan Corporation has acquired the Cinemáge line of monitors and they’re quite the treat to see with your own eyes. Running an Arri Alexa 3D LUT (look up table, for more info check ebook on using 1d and 3d lut for color correction, and…this one), shooting with an Arri Alexa and a  VX9 also, I was tickled at the ease of focus and clarity of real-world color on a 24″ screen. 12 bit processing you say? I admit, I can’t wait to see the technology migrate fast enough to a new flagship monitor as well. Check the links above for the official Press Release. The monitor I used was this one.

If you’ve got any questions for us feel free to ask: for general information, for media inquiries or for purchase matters.


~ by Ryan Aivalis on March 15, 2011.

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