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Hi there!

I’ve recently decided to turn this wordpress into my own personal blog. I’ll be retooling the site in the coming week.

For those of you just joining us, my name is Ryan Aivalis. I’m a current Marketing Senior at University of Houston-Downtown and I’m rebooting this blog for a couple of reasons, namely:

  1. To resume blogging about life experiences and experiments,
  2. To ask questions and provide personal research for those explorations, and
  3. To fulfill an ongoing requirement for my marketing degree (my social media marketing course).

A iittle more about myself:

I currently live on the east side of Houston in the Eastwood neighborhood. I regularly use public transit and my bicycle to get to school, work, and other liesure and business activities. Why? Despite owning a car, I believe that public transit should not only support the local residential and business infrastructure connecting it  (or not), it should uniquely benefit the community it is projected to support. Without riding the Metro system, I feel disconnected from the nuances that neighborhoods and gentrification bring to the ever-dynamic Greater Houston region. These efforts also as a perk to reduce personal energy cost of consumption. If I’m not riding the rail or bus, I’m riding my fixed gear bike.

Regarding energy and efficiency, I also helped establish (and lived in) the only housing cooperative organization in Houston–Houston Access to Urban Sustainabiity (HAUS Project for short). If you haven’t broken some bread with these cats, or at least looked at their site, I encourage you to. It’s an eye-opening and heart-warming experience. It’s where I gained the majority of my vegan culinary and kitchen management experience. Learning to grow foods that went into meals for 10, five days a week, educated me on food waste, nutrition, and preparation more than I could have asked for.

I currently work at The Honeymoon Cafe & Bar. Stop by. I’ll be happy to take care of you.


The Honeymoon Cafe in Downtown Houston


~ by Ryan Aivalis on August 30, 2016.

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