PRESS RELEASE: Introducing the VH7 HD Monitor–the resolution you need at the price you want!

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Now you kan!

For those in need of a high quality, cost effective entry level high definition monitor, ikan proudly introduces the VH7. The ikan line of HD monitors is all about connections and the VH7 is no exception. Equipped with an HDMI, VGA, and 2 COMPOSITE INPUTS, ikan’s VH7 will exceed the expectations of even the most demanding users.  This 7 inch monitor boasts a sparkling resolution of 1024×600 with both 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, and can be powered with the provided AC107 DV battery plate for use with your of choice of Sony, Canon, or Panasonic style batteries. The new VH7, a complete out-of-the-box self powered HDSLR field monitoring solution… from ikan.

ikan vh7 7" HDSLR monitor

ikan VH7 - with fully equipped Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Built With You in Mind.

For those in need of a single HDMI monitor solution the VH7 is for you! Now you can run an HDMI, VGA or COMPOSITE without the clutter of additional connections that you don’t need. One simple connection provides a brilliant screen resolution giving you a clear and accurate image representation. And where does the cost of those unneeded connections go? In your pocket! The VH7 is one of the most affordable 7 inch HD monitors on the market giving you the ability to stretch your production budget even farther.


BP2T Battery Plate

The VH7 Has You Covered.

The days of purchasing a separate battery plate for your monitor are over. In addition to the included AC adapter, the VH7 comes complete with our popular BP2T adapter plate! Whether you are shooting with a Canon, Panasonic or Sony DV camera, ikan has you covered. Simply specify which battery plate you would like (Your choice of either the Sony L, Sony BP-U, Canon 900, or Panasonic D54 series batteries) ,and you will receive a complete, self-powered HDSLR field monitor with the quality and reliability you have come to expect from ikan.


ikan VH7 - 7" HDMI LCD Monitor - the rear view

VH7 Key Features:

  • 1024×600 Screen Resolution
  • HDMI Input
  • VGA Input
  • 2 Composite Inputs
  • Included BP2T Battery Plate (specify Canon, Panasonic, or Sony battery)


For Additional Information, please contact:
Brian Upchurch

713.272.8822  ext. 105

For images, pricing and more information, click here.



Press Release: A New Chapter in the ikan Elements Story has been written

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ikan is proud to introduce the newest additions to our line of Elements Fly Kit configurations! Rely on hours of support provided by the Shoulder Mount Basic or peruse a fixed approach with the Shoulder Mount Deluxe. Shoot stereoscopic 3D video anywhere with the Stereoscope Deluxe. Take dead aim at your shot with the versatile Shoulder Stock. Achieve hands-on focal control with the convenient Fingerling. Each of ikan’s new Elements Fly Kits provide our users with countless configuration options.

The “Fixed” Is In

ikan is proud to announce the most anticipated addition to its Elements line of DSLR fly kit configurations…the Elements Shoulder Mount Deluxe. This unit latches securely to the users shoulder utilizing two adjustable clamp pads for locked-in stability while the included foam grips provide uncompromised control. Two durable, 15mm rods are the base for a reliable shooting foundation provided by a 15mm rail mount and cheese plate offering 62mm spacing, ¼ 20, 3/8 and 4mm receiver slots for DSLR compatibility. The Shoulder Mount Deluxe offers a variety of rear loaded receiver slots for multiple mounting options including ¼ 20, 3/8, 4mm and 100mm VESA. With an array of accessory mounting combinations, i.e. DSLR device, monitor, battery plate, tripod mount and an ikan HDMI-HD-SDI converter box, the ikan Elements Shoulder Mount Deluxe will immediately become a video professional’s most resourceful tool providing hours of comfortable shooting.

The Freedom to Shoot Stereoscopic 3D Video…Anywhere.

The ikan Elements Stereoscope Deluxe is the perfect shooting platform for your next stereoscopic 3D video production. This tool allows you to mount two small to mid-sized cameras on an adjustable configuration utilizing 15mm rods and dual platforms to align the two image capture devices at precise distances to successfully shoot stereo 3D images. With the simple addition of 2 foam grips to a Stereoscope basic kit, you have successfully upgraded your rig with the ability to shoot stereoscopic 3D video anywhere you choose. Separate from your tripod with confidence and experience the limitless possibilities of ikan’s Elements Stereoscope Deluxe! With the rapid expansion of 3D-ready cameras, such as Canon’s XF100 and XF105 cameras, and post-production software ready to handle the workflow, such as Adobe Creative Suite 5, the Elements Stereoscope can become your go-to choice for shooting affordable, post-process ready stereoscope 3D. Most 3D Camera platforms do just that… provide a base for shooting 3D video.

But the Elements Stereoscope Deluxe is so much more. Because of the completely modular nature of the Elements line, your Stereoscope rig is also a 15mm rod-based camera support system. The 15mm rods, cheese plates, rod mounts and the tripod mount can all be utilized to create the base for your camera. And with just a few extra pieces, you can create nearly any other Elements configuration.

Take Dead Aim

Finally, you can have the extention rig you’ve been looking for with with the same quality and reliability you have come to expect from the Elements line with the ikan Shoulder Stock. This simple, light weight configuration provides the ability to move quickly and effeciently to any position while utilizing the shooters body for added stability. The provided rail mount and cheese plate ensures that your DSLR device will be soundly secured while the included adjustable foam grip offers persice control.

You’ve Got the Touch

Now you can be hands on while going hands off with ikan’s new Elements Fly Series configuration…the ikan Finger Ling. With one touch of a finger you can manipulate any light weight lens for more personal control of your DSLR rig. This easy to use, versatile tool will quickly become a valuable addition to your HD shooting arsenal. No matter if you are on location or in the studio, the ikan Elements Finger Ling offers a simple shooting solution for any situation.

Designed with you in mind, the Elements line is everything you love about camera support, only lighter, smaller and simplified. With the Elements, you aren’t bound to someone else’s vision. You can customize your camera rig exactly the way you want it. At ikan, we understand one size does not fit all in regards to camera rigs or operators. We created the Elements line to be customizable in an infinite number of ways so you get the features you need at the price you want.

New Elements Configurations:

  • Stereoscope Deluxe
  • Shoulder Stock
  • Fingerling
  • Shoulder Mount Basic
  • Shoulder Mount Deluxe

For Additional Information, please contact:

Brian Upchurch

713-272-8822 x105

Images of Rigs:

(For images, pricing and more information, please visit our Product page)

Have a great day!


Kan @ Inter Bee, 2010

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All You Need Is SKILL, Baby!

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What ISN’T the iPhone being used for these days? (Phone calls?) It’s quite a well-rounded device, with a little something for everyone. And the “little something” for videographers and filmmakers seems to be rapidly morphing into a BIG something. But how far will that take amateur filmmakers?

We’ve all heard about recent iPhone updates and upgrades and up-everything, from iMovie 11 to stabilization gear specifically for the iPhone’s video features. (Did you know that Steadicam makes a unit specifically for your iPhone? It’s called “The Smoothee.” Crazy, right?!)

The iPhone isn’t only used for videos, but also for photography shoots, commercials and music videos. So, with iMovie giving the iPhone increasing abilities to film,  edit (albeit, incredibly basic editing) and score films, can this mean professionals have more competition from any iPhone owner?

There’s always that fear of “just anyone” jumping in and making a good film with any old gear and an iPhone with iMovie… but don’t be fooled. Professionals are doing it, too! The argument, and logically so, is that no matter what you’re using to film, if you know what you’re doing you can make it look good.

(A few examples of this are on a channel of Vimeo called, “Movies made on the iPhone4” at )

But I think the real question here is: How far can iPhone films go without enough talent to back it up? There are constant modifications, so where will they take us? There have been upgrades to improve the rolling shutter, (check out Philip Bloom’s review at ), the level of control, editing abilities, etc. Do these advancements put everyday iPhone users on a professional filmmaker level? (NO!)

While these tools are impressive and undeniably accessible to all the “just anyones” in the world, and while anybody can make an iFilm, I believe it all comes down to one thing… SKILL. As mentioned in a blog post on, “talent trumps gear.” Every time.

What I’m trying to say is that iPhones CAN indeed make great looking videos, but only if you’ve got the skill to back it up. Do you?


– Kerianne

ID500 Kit and You: A Competitive Edge

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Recently, our friends over at They Creative submitted two rather humorous and tightly made videos for entry in the “Crash the Superbowl Contest” sponsored by Pepsi Max. You can find both videos on their vimeo channel, or check out each individually:

I decided to get with Chris Muniz, Creative Director of They Creative, for a better understanding of their use of the kits in their shorts. This is what he had to say:

“I have attached a few [photos]  from our 2 location shots and can’t say enough about the ID500 light kit.  Not one complaint as they were versatile in every situation we shot in and not to mention light weight and easy set-up and shoot.  The handle was a great addition as some of the shots required hand held lighting and the fact that they were cool touch LED made it that much easier, and safer.

On the post production end, the color from these lights provided accurate color balance and saved me time in editing.  I have yet to try Litepanels, but it’s safe to say I don’t think I need to, after using these affordable, light-weight, and easy to use lighting system.

Great products as you guys are definitely make a quality product without breaking the bank.”


For more information about They Creative, their vimeo channel or how to contact them:

Thanks to Chris Muniz for his wonderful input. I really hope you guys make it and win: you’ve got a fighting chance!


HDSLR Killer? Meet the AG-AF100

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Yeah, I said it. That word: “killer.” Is it so bad?

Only if you believe that the AF100 will literally destroy the niche-now-explosive market carved out by HDSLR cameras, like Canon’s 5D mkII and 7D, the newer 60D, Nikon’s D7000, Panasonic’s GH1–you get the idea.

So what? Why is everyone still abuzz? Well, while most of us are purely talk (for now), some privileged few have gotten their hands on them and are having the time of their lives (Philip Bloom has a great post with three days on this beast of a camcorder HERE)–and for good reason.

With a micro four-thirds sensor and compact form factor, this camcorder addresses all of the hot topics that have come up because of DSLR design and purpose, such as:

  • XLR audio inputs,
  • HD-SDI sockets,
  • tons of lens options,
  • minimal rolling shutter,
  • video autofocus (that might be worth a damn)
  • aliasing, moire;

the AF100 has all of these. Panasonic really seems to have been listening to the DSLR community this time. From what I hear, the only thing it isn’t good at is what it WASN’T designed for:

Still Photography.

Other concerns have been with the depth of field of the camera (even with lenses, yes); it is not capable of the depth of field of, say your 5D, but better than most. If you’re a generalist (and even if you aren’t), you definitely want to check out this camera.

By mid-December, we’ll have a more in-depth look of the AG-AF100 once I get my grubby hands on it as soon as it’s available. Bookmark us, subscribe via RSS, or check back to make sure you don’t miss it!

Remember: for all of your camera mounting and lighting needs, ikan has a solution for you!

(Photos courtesy of their respective owners)



ikan’s Tip of the Week – 002

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Hey guys, welcome back to another edition of ikan’s series “Tip of the Week.”

This week we’ll cover an up-and-coming mount for your RECOIL (or preferred shoulder mount) that will give you rig wiiings rails and a quickmount to better serve your needs.  Most of the time, with what adapters and rigs and shoulder mounts available on the market, we really just need a few solid functions:

  1. Quick mounting for tripod use
  2. A camera mount
  3. Rails for accessorizing (a follow focus, grips, batteries, etc)

Which boils down to…what? A multi-functional essentials rig for use in varied applications, such as tripod and shoulder mount use, which then can be modified and re-designed on the fly.

NOTE: some of you may have already seen a leaked version on various forum boards, but I’d like to officially post it HERE.

For this rig flavor, you will need:

  • Ikan RECOIL (or preferred shoulder rig of your choice)
  • ELE-TM Tripod mount
  • ELE-15r12 (2 x 12” 15mm industry standard rails)
  • 2 x ELE-15RM Rail mounts
  • 1 x ELE-PT
  • F3 Follow Focus
  • 1 x ELE-15RDA Rod adapter
  • 1 x ELE-GB-F Grip Bar

All other products listed, without links, can be found here at the ikancorp Elements page

More Photos: